Wednesday, February 2, 2011

VLM and other stuff...

So I have just had it confirmed that I am in for the London Marathon on April 17th....cue mass panic and monster motivation! Thankfully panic works as a great motivator for me, although regardless of this I was feeling better anyway and looking forward to some more training!

I did a slow 6 miler with a friend last night and reminded its nice to just run rather than push to go faster all the time - this is what I need at the moment in my training so lots less intensity is the name of the game right now! This also works well for meeting up with other groups who ride slower than me - I can just tack on more miles either end!

As for running - well this can continue as is - a few short runs during the week and a long one at the weekend (although this will change to the week later on)! I have a half marathon on the 27th Feb which is a tough and hilly course, I then have a 20 mile flat race the week after which will be a real test for me - I have never ran more than 14 miles before! Still I am looking forward to it much more than before!

As for the marathon itself - this will be a purely training jog round the course - I can't see myself doing it again for a year or three at least so I would really like to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy it - an average of 10 min/miles all the way round should be plenty to see my healthy round with no fatiguing but we'll see how that goes in training!

I've been eating more over the last few days and have lost weight obviously (?!) which is a bonus but its now back in to training so we'll see how that goes! Just 8 hours planned this week which is nice!


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