Monday, February 14, 2011

February Week 2

All in all not the greatest in volume this week and no road cycling, but everything felt solid and well within my means.

Monday - rest
Tuesday - First swim for a couple of weeks in the morning - just sets of 300 and a bit more to make up to a mile - actually wasn't too bad considering. Went and joined in rugby training in the evening as I was down that way - as usual no problems and fitness shows.

Wednesday - 8.4 mile run in the evening - legs a bit sore but no issues with tiredness or anything kept it nice and steady all the way round.

Thursday - 1 hour on the turbo in the evening - 2*18min efforts - all felt fine and usual jelly legs afterwards - doing as much in the aero position as possible to get used to it.

Friday - big plans - zero result - didn't run at lunch and didn't swim in the evening as what later than expected - big fail!

Saturday - up early doors for a 12 miler with rucksack full of clothes & shoes - despite just a yoghurt 10 mins before and rubbish sleep this was fine - kept the intensity down by power walking on the steep hill sections which meant cruising on the downhill/flat sections was a good steady pace!

Sunday - after big boozing on saturday night I had planned a gentle hour or two on the bike in the afternoon but the weather was appalling with strong winds and literally non-stop when the offer of pub lunch came in I couldn't resist! Rest day a day early even if not really needed!

So nothing special this week, just solid sessions albeit too few of them! Looking forward to plenty more this week!   

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