Monday, February 28, 2011

February week 4 Training

Staffled again right at the last minute this week! I managed a measly 5.67 hours training this week...yes thats all, total rubbish!

Monday & Tuesday I was feeling pretty rubbish through lack of sleep due to various reasons - a monster sleep on Tuesday night left me feeling good Wednesday though so a good fast run (for me) for 5.2 miles around town!

Thursday: - Swim in the morning with a couple of others did 500,400,400,500,400,50 for some quality swimming

In the evening I joined a friend for a 6 mile run - few GI issues so it was a struggle more than a joy but nice and easy so an't complain

Friday - back in the pool for 3*1000 swim - none of it fast - about 6.57 per 400m but I was strong and steady and am more than capable of 1 hour 5 minutes for the actual swim on race day!

Friday evening I was due to swim again but felt really dizzy about an hour before - turns out it was just lack of food - decided to rest and get ready for the weekend!

Saturday - was really looking forward to a good cycle followed by a good race on sunday! I got up early and drove to my parents to cycle from there as I was meeting some others for lunch afterwards! Out on the tri bike for the first time this year on the Forestman course - 2 miles in I was climbing a hill and a big crack and the back wheel locked up - rear mech properly tangled in spokes....what a waste! Two weekends in a row I have been foiled by proper stupid things! Annoyingly I had no swim kit and didn't to run so it was a total wasted Saturday when I was due for three hours training!

Sunday - crap sleep, kept thinking I'd be late for the race! Morning was lovely though cold but set off to the race, registered...found out it was 14 miles not 13.1...ah well suited me really!

At the race start we went straight down a big hill and then straight back up the otherside - good wake up call! Thankfully a stile the otherside meant a quick rest while we all queued - then it was up the road for 1.5 miles before turning off on to the forest tracks - its a hell of a course with some pretty steep hills but nice on the flats - I went out too fast but after Saturdays impromtu rest I decided to hang in there as best as possible and keep going - on the flats I was holding about 7.40 pace which is very quick for me - I walked on three of the steep hills - which was just as fast as running and kept my legs okay!

Didn't receive the gels I ordered so I had grabbed a fry's turkish delight as energy to keep going....interesting but it seemed to work just fine and gave a little boost in energy here and there! A solid last mile and I was done, 10 miles in 1.22, 13.1 in 1.47.50 and 13.85 in 1.53.06 which I am happy with - I have never ran that fast for that long - on a flat course I may even surprise myself!

So a good finish to a crappy week - should have been closer to 10 hours training - so with this week and last I am about 7 hours short for the month which isn't ideal but I am feeling fine so can push it in March! 20 miles awaits next sunday...we'll see how that goes! Its flat but I've never ran that far so a gentle 9 min/miles should suffice!

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