Monday, February 21, 2011

February Week 3 Training

Despite a dodgy stomach for most the week and an obscene hangover I got most of my training done and in the bag this week! The stomach I think was due to a change in diet - trying to take on more carbs - it didn't work so I'll happily ignore that one!

Monday - 6.4 mile steady run with a friend, nice pace and felt right as rain

Tuesday am - 2k swim almost all with the pull buoy and felt fine with it - good consistent times which will stand me in good stead!

Tuesday pm - down at the running track for 12 * 300 - really enjoyed this and will continue to do it, with warm up and down was about 6 miles in total so a good and refreshing way of getting more running in!

Wedensday - 55 minute turbo session of 5 minutes hard and 5 minutes easy, good session and will use it again for sure!
Thursday - Went to rugby training for some more fast running - good way of getting the legs turning and endurance!

Saturday - what a nightmare, went and joined a new lot of riders who are quite good I believe, had 75 miles planned, made it 200 metres before I flatted and then spare valve was buggered so I strolled on home! Fixed the bike but decided to run instead - knocked out 10 slippery muddy and hilly miles which were surprisingly hard!

Sunday - got up early after a heavy saturday night and joined some others for a steady spin down to the coast and back - it was flat which was a good thing for me! Got some good intervals in though despite still being drunk I think!

So a total of 9.5 hours which was slightly below target but the punctures and crappy run on Saturday was definitely not cool! I'll make it us this week and have a half marathon on Sunday and then a 20 mile race the following Sunday!

See you then...

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