Friday, February 4, 2011

This weekend and other animals..

I'm really looking forward to this weekend....and I feel I need to share it with everyone!

Tonight is the start of the Six Nations...the greatest Rugby tournament on the planet! Before all the Southern Hempishere people get shirty I don't mean in terms of quality necessarily but in terms of atmosphere, tradition and passion - it makes the hairs stand on end! Even if you don't like rugby watch the teams run out tonight at the Millenium Stadium and the national is a pretty awesome spectacle! So that is tonight taken of, preceeded by a beer in the local in memory of the late great T O'C!

Tomorrow I am planning a long run of at least 2 hours/13 ish miles - nice and steady to pull me along - I only hope my dead leg from last night clears away in time! I may push it on a bit if I am feeling strong and see where I end up - I am mindful of my 20 mile race coming up and having not run further than 14.5 before!

Sunday will be a bike ride, I am planning a nice steady 3 hours but it will depend on the wind, its blowing pretty strong all weekend so may dictate what the conditions are like! I am planning on putting the tri bars back on my road bike just in case any headwinds pop up!

The two runs I have done this week have felt really good, beasting myself through January has really paid dividends (now that I am over my massive slump) and my cruising speed is about 30 secs per mile faster than at christmas! So that is definitely a good thing! I still haven't swam in almost two weeks but will get back in to it next week...I promise !

Anyway weather (geddit) or not the weekend turns out as planned remains to be seen! In the meantime enjoy your weekend!!

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