Monday, February 7, 2011

February Wk 1

Overall a steady 8 hours this week - not breaking any records with that but the upside is I feel really fresh and ready to carry on, whilst seeing big improvements generally!

Monday: - rest day, still not quite 100%

Tuesday: - nice 10k run with a friend, we took it steady as he is building back up but it was perfect for me too, just nice and steady without any intensity, HR was right down and never felt pushed

Wednesday: - similiar 6.5 mile route, again keeping steady, though it was faster as I was on my own, again no issues and nice to get some consecutive training in

Thursday: - joined the lads down on the astro for 90 mins of hurtling around a faux pitch - try to run as much as possible and its good to get some fun faster work in - I don't include all of this as its not proper training

Friday: - Nothing, six nations started so that was that evening nicely wrapped up!

Saturday: - had two hours run planned and so thats what I did, weather was pretty windy and wild but not cold so it was a good run around some paths/trails and roads I'd not been on before. I had a dead leg from Thursday but this wasn't too much of an issue although I couldn't find any speed in the legs so I only covered 12.4 miles in 1 hr 57 minutes, but there were lots of hills and I never felt uncomfortable in running terms, thought about carrying on but decided to stick to the plan!

Sunday: - 3 hour ride, I was meeting with a group 12 miles away from home, so I had a good ride down to meet them, although the head wind was pretty beastly, a good loop with them, I stayed up the front for a lot of the time so got plenty of work in and the final 12 miles on my own were nice and quick with the tailwind scooting me home! Enjoyed a nice tea stop midway through as well! No real issues again and maintaining a 17.5 average in that wind is pleasing, although faster than I had planned! That would be a steady summer ride but at this time of year in that wind I am happy! Felt a bit tired at one point but my homemade flapjack and a gel set me right!

So leaves me feeling pretty good, in other news the confirmation came through for the London Marathon so I am focussing quite heavily on my running and cycling at this time, the extra sleep from less swimming is a definite bonus! Weight continues to fall as well!

My new trainers, K-Swiss Blade Light Run just seem to get better and better regardless of how slow or fast I am running - there are light and comfortable - I took the elastic laces back out and the original ones back in and that stopped the toungue on the left show scruching up (my lacing not the shoe)!

As for my compression tights...I am undecided as yet - they do work but they aren't worth £50 thats for sure! The week ahead is going to be mostly running with a turbo session thrown in for luck - the weekend will be a write-off really as having a big drinking session on Saturday, I hope to be able to have an hour or the bike on sunday though as a hangover recovery!

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