Monday, January 6, 2014

Starting again...

It's all go back in my little world of exercise and it feels good to have that motivation back to be getting back out there and putting in some time.

This weekend I knocked out a 55 mile ride down to Wareham and back, we wanted to do an 80 but the weather was quite ridiculous (flooded roads over the bottom bracket at times!) so we did well just to knock that one out. Gully was super fast as ever and I felt pretty heavy and with a lack of power for a lot of time but still got it done so happy with that.

Very amusing when we realised that Gully's new (and very sexy) carbon aero wheels had filled with water…at least it slowed him down!

Sunday I had a couple of hours to spare so went out again and the weather was even worse with savage wind, rain and cold. My legs were also tired so I knocked out a slow 19 mile spin around the lanes…I was happy just to get home to be honest, feeling very hungry with a lack of energy.

This morning I went swimming for the first time in 18 months (proper swimming that is, not just pootling about), knocked out 6*250m, a 50m sprint and a 50m warm down. I won't lie it was hard and I got tired as it went on…but overall felt good and oddly enjoyed it - need to dig out the proper swim shorts rather than board shorts!

Changed my diet to a more paleo try at things, i.e. no grains or carbs or dairy basically. I am not being super strict about it but trying 80% of the time. It is basically meat, eggs, veg & fruit!

Not easy but need to lose some fat and get trimmer…even though I weigh less now than during the entire Ironman training (not the actual race though).


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