Friday, May 25, 2012

Its been a while...

It's been a while since I last blogged, mostly because I haven't had much to say...that hasn't changed but seeing as I am about to reach 31 tomorrow I thought I had better do something of a blog so I don't forget!

My last post was July 3rd 2011 since then actually quite a lot has bullet points: -

  • Got married!
  • Went on honeymoon
  • Went back to rugby...pretty much takes us up to Christmas
  • Started mountain biking again in a big way
  • Did very nearly no road biking
  • Tore the AC joint in my shoulder (no more rugby)
  • Travelled lots, including Brussels and Costa Rica
  • Organised and took part in the FRFC 48 hour run challenge, we covered 297.21 miles in 48 hours for charity and raised nearly £3,000 in sponsorship
  • Finished the season for rugby (including top forwards try scorer)
  • Bought a house (well going through the motions now)

  • So actually a pretty big year for a small 12 months since my last Birthday - Ironman, Wedding, 48 hour run and bought a house!

    Not sure if next year will hold the same...well actually I can guarantee there will be no Ironman, weddings, 48 hour runs or house buying...but I am sure it will hold other areas!

    I have been asked to take part in various marathons and other endurance events but not doing any of them, I figure I only have a few more years of rugby before it hurts too much so I am going at it full tilt this year, the only thing that may change towards the end is the London Marathon which I have entered the ballot.

    Other than that I am still doing lots of cycling, both on and off road plus rugby, gym and football! Shoulders give me pain but they are getting stronger and confidence is building.

    Ciao for now!