Sunday, January 1, 2017


I haven't blogged for some time as had nothing to write, life got in the way mostly!

2 kids, big project of a house and busy job didn't leave much time for blogging! I wanted to write some notes about 2016 though. The entire year was overshadowed in the latter half by the death of my stepfather from cancer.

He had a huge impact on my from the age of 11 and it still hasn't sunk in. So this post is a way for noting down all the incredibly positive things that 2016 has brought: -

  • My daughter Martha, born in March - a very happy & healthy little soul, though quite the independent young lady! 
  • My son Theo, growing up in to a bright and happy boy. 
  • New house, project yes, but will be so amazing when finished and in a great location 
  • Selling the old house of enough to do most of the work on the new house. 
  • Being fit and healthy and living in an amazing place - with all the shit going on in the world I feel really lucky to be able to have the life I have.
  • Job continuing to challenge and grow. 
So that is it really. Just a short note. 

On the fitness side of things, I have cycled 1,448 miles (only 70 on the road), run 182 miles and 12k. So nothing to go mad with. 

Plans for the year are to get up to a decent running distance and pace, poss 20 miler in March. Continue to cycle and try and do 2017 miles this year. 

I have started riding motorbikes a whole lot more and have a modified C90 and KTM400 for riding offroad which is great fun.

Maybe even blog some more.