Sunday, July 3, 2011

Whats next?

The Forestman iron-distance was always going to be a one-off for me but even so I was surprised at how much I wanted to do another one in the days post race, its a similiar feeling to coming back from holiday - you build up to it, have a great time then when it's over you want to go and do it again! However I am going to stick to my guns for the foreseeable future mainly because -

  • I don't want to commit that fully to another IM now
  • It was such an awesome, amazing day that another one so soon would likely erode that feeling and maybe belittle that acheivement
  • There is always an element of been there, done that
However in ten years I will be 40 (Unless something changes of course) and it could be a fun thing to do when I hit that and to ensure I am in shape then! I would go for an European M-dot race, purely to experience the flipside - I don't believe that the Forestman can be beaten for experience (and pain). So it is done for a decade at least!

So what is next...

Well I have a list of challenges I would like to do anyway: -
  • Lands End to John O'Groats
  • Dart 10k Swim
  • An Ultra-run (well a 50k if that counts)
but they don't need to be done just yet so...

....I am fit right now and I don't want to lose all that fitness just yet, I am also carrying some 5 kgs of fat that could do with shifting - so in essence I want to get fitter, stronger and more powerful! I am going back to playing rugby for a few more years but this will be alongside swim, bike and running - so hopefully I can become really fit and at the same time much stronger and leaner! Lighter doesn't bother me now I don't need to drag myself around 140.6 miles!

So how do I go about that...well for the summer...alongside the rugby training, I will be swimming 1-2 times per week at varying intensities, I will try to cycle a couple of times, including at least one longer ride as and when I can fit it in, running will be a different matter. I would like to keep my long slow runs (10-12 miles) as they are enjoyable and Kel wants to build back up to these distances so we can go together. During the week if I have time I will do shorter, faster running including spring sessions (unfortunately track sessions fall the same days as rugby).

On top of this will come quite a few gym sessions (4-5) will be all about power and strength - lots of squats, bench, legs etc!

So all in all it will be tiring, hard and a higher intensity but under no pressure so rest won't be an issue! In terms of goals well they are slightly harder to nail down because of their nature!

  • A faster 10k - my pb is 46.22 set on a hilly course May 2010, I am confident I could see that off now but I would like to get close to pushing the 40-42 area
  • Seeing as I have done super sprint tris and Ironman I think an Olympic and half Iron are on the cards at some point if they come up suitably just to round out the set! 
  • Get my confidence back in my shoulders for rugby - should come back pretty quickly! 
  • Knock out a reasonalbe mile time - only one I ever timed was 6.47 but that was in a set of 4 so should be easily brought down
  • My two marathon times are 4.25 & 5.40 which don't really do me justice as I have done an easy 2.55 20 mile - a sub 4 needs to be done too.

So all in all I have a lot on my hands but not till I am recovered - this week since FM has been a tough learning curve - Monday was okay, just stiff and tired, Tuesday was really bad as I ended up in a meeting and therefore didn't eat till 3 pm and started to suffer a bit! Wednesday I felt loads better and the blisters were better so could walk properly so that evening I went to help referee at a rugby touch tournament......I ended up playing instead which was great and freed up my legs no end - I wore my compression tights which saved my tight muscles without a doubt, it was only a gentle hit out though! However once I got home, ate and showered I started to get cold and once in bed I was shivering quite bad......horrible night ensued of sweats, shivering, headaches etc etc and then come morning I felt awful so it was a day in bed, I'm not one for being off work but I then intermittantly slept till 4pm but with a nasty temperature still....since then I've been getting better and nearly 100% - my body has no desire to start anything yet though and so I have allowed at least two weeks of total chillout before doing anything focussed - I may have a few gentle swims and stuff though!

Anyway...will keep you updated!