Monday, January 20, 2014

January continued...

I gather today is blue Monday, though have heard that said every Monday in January! Anyway not applying to me, having a cracker of a January!

Last week I swam once and that was it…we had some norovirus in the house which didn't get me but I was cleaning up and looking after Theo until all back on their feet, then I got a cold. That and work meant didn't get much done, but never mind, had a great ride on Saturday.

Sunday would have been the better day to get out but with Theo's swimming it has to be Saturdays - and I am quite enjoying the wind and rain in an odd way!

Route and stats: -

Some photos below: -

Sun looked awesome when it peaked out!

Road closed due to flooding (only an inch or two in places, new tarmac and no cars = fast fun!!

 This is supposed to be fields

                                                     Timmy G

On Sunday I finished building the MTB with it's new forks, seat post and extra 42 tooth cassette sprocket, just one more little bit and I can ride the thing again…been a while since in broke back in December!!

Cleaned and ready for action!

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