Friday, June 24, 2011

Nearly there....

So this is probably my last blog pre-race and I am feeling good!

My exercise this week has been easy and last nights spin on the bike felt really good....bit of goal creep maybe?!? (only joking)!

My shoulder and back were seen to by the osteo (more later) but just feel amazing generally and a real release of tension there, still a bit tender on the tri bars but with some rest over next couple of days they'll be fine!

I have struggled to eat as much as I probably should have done...just feeling a bit rubbish on the carbs, however I have eaten little and often as opposed to big meals - I'll make up for it over the next 24 hours! So what do my final figures look like for this entire journey well here you go:-

Swim - 160 miles, 104 hours
Bike - 3409 miles, 207 hours
Run - 1090 miles, 179 hours
Cross Train - 135 miles, 32 hours

The swimming I have really enjoyed and its something I haven't found too bad (despite some early morning wobbles) definitely some thing to keep working on.

Cycling has been good and bad, when the weather is nice and with company its great....cold and miserable and on your own...not a nice place to be in! But since I always have and always will cycle then this will carry on anyway!

Running - definitely not a natural runner by any stretch and far to heavy for it, but there is an enourmous sense of satisfaction gained from long steady runs out in the middle of nowhere enjoying the fresh air! I aim to carry on with long runs though more around the 10-12 mile mark!

So thats where we are...confident and excited!

Right then...the race strategy itself: -

Swim: - this I plan to go in to with a steady head and not get carried away, try and find some feet to draft on and get in to the groove, not get out of breath, if it was a pool I would be aiming for about 6.30-6.40 per 400m so I will try and replicate this feel in the lake which should be pretty easy! I may go slightly harder in the last lap.

Bike: - for the first hour I will be just riding along, letting the legs get into it and get some food on, not worrying about any positions or anything just controlled gentle riding, after this I will hit some hills which I plan to cruise around before upping a bit for the last ten miles of the first lap, lap to will be similiar though consolidating my average around the 17.5 mph mark and then the last lap making sure that I feel good and am on time!

Run: - only strategy is walk the hills and run the flats and keep pushing the line away from me! I figure I am going to hit a line where I just have to 'giterdun' and the further that line is away from me the happier I will be! Once at 21.5 miles we turn for home and this I will be looking forward to - yes its hilly after that but...its hometime!

For a finish time I reckon if it starts with a 12 is been beyond my dreams for the day...begins with 13 and its gone well, 14-15.59 and it didn't go to plan but all good as its all about the finish!
One thing that has struck me in the last week is the amount of support that I have had from friends, family and people I don't even know! I won't lie to you, there were a few times during training that you do wonder 'why?' and feel like giving up....getting whinged at for being muddy and wet and generally feeling sorry for myself! However the level of support in donations has been amazing and the total with more to come stands at..............£3,306.47 inc gift aid which is genuinely breathtaking for me...I never imagined it would get near that and I am so humbled and grateful to everyone for their support!

I have also been promised lots of support from people coming on the day which is amazing so thank you in advance! I also want to thank all the training buddies from the pool, running (ed) and on the bike (bonnie, lunty, p o'c, dymo etc) its been a great experience!

There are two people that I couldn't have done it without though: -

Gully - big thanks for all the long bike rides and the mental support, back in January I had nearly quit but he talked me round and kept me on the straight and narrow - I can't thank you enough! He also is the greatest Osteopath in the world and if you have any problems he has magic fact make some thing up just to go and see him at the Arch Clinic in F'bridge!

Finally a massive thanks to Kel, for putting up with me feeling sorry for myself, being muddy, sweaty, wet, cold, hot, tired, early mornings, going to bed when it is light etc etc - I would never have been able to get this far without you!

See you on the otherside


  1. I have goose bumps reading that Jo. You've done the hard work, the training. You've got the determination, the motivation and the support. Now go and do it!

  2. Good luck Jo - you've put in the hard yards and I'm sure it'll pay dividend...