Wednesday, June 22, 2011

3 days to go...

Well 3.5 including the rest of today....

I wasn't sure how I would feel at this point 18 months was so long ago and I never though it would happen so here I am....not the super athlete I expected to be but fit and ready to go! I'm in that mental state where I am not worried about the race which is good!

Before some of the big bricks I would be in this frame of mind where it just needed to be done, no thoughts of not getting it done, it had to be done and it was, all good! Some others including London Marathon I was worried about and they never went quite so well so I am happy and feeling good!

The other thing is that I have promised myself that whether I finish in 12 hours or 15 hours 55 minutes it is all the same - there is no bad day as long as I finish - all will be gooood!

Today (Wednesday) is my last day of fibrous food, i.e. wholewheat pasta, fruit and fibre etc and will move towards more white food and less solid protein (i.e meat) and avoiding bread big time!

Weather is changeable this week at best, but Sunday is looking better, warm, little bit of SSE wind and cloud/sun so won't be too hot and Sunday or pouring with rain! However who knows on the day!

My worries about getting a cold seem to have passed - just had a bad nights sleep and got a thick head which made me feel rubbish! My back has not been good though, a very tight hotspot on the lower left - I've been stretching, rubbing and off to osteopath tonight so hopefully will ease - it's only an issue on the bike but will hopefully hold out as long as possible!

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