Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The day before....

Split the race report and preparation in to two parts so that you all don't get too bored!

So up early Saturday morning to get to the lake for a swim, there were plenty of people down there and it was a perfect morning with no mist...a sign of things to come? I met up with a super fast swimmer from Salisbury and we se off to do a lap, I wanted a gentle lap but Seb is fast so I hung around near/behind him and we had a quality lap around the bigger waterski buoys which are roughly the same as the course for Sunday - we went round in 19 minutes 20 seconds and I felt good so was confident that I could hit the one hour mark for Saturday!

Caught up with Fuzzy and met Slacko (fellow racers) on the lake side which was cool and had a chat with them which was great - everyone seemed excited but relaxed for the race start tomorrow!

Headed home and had some breakfast or porridge/protein and muller rice mixed in then slept for an hour or so, two more muller rice (I was hungry and they were handy)! Then it was time to register so I headed up to race registration and signed in, picked up my numbers, goody bag etc and spoke to a few of the racers. A little while later we all sat down for a big lunch and the race briefing (lunch was superb, loads of potatoes, pasta, salads etc)! Then we had the race briefing for about an hour or so that went fine and as expected!

Back home and I was stil hungry so ate another bowl of pasta before Steve, Gina and Chris turned up for a drink (non-alcoholic obviously)! Chris and I later wandered in to town and picked up supper (yup more pasta and rice pudding) and then watched a film before I retired about 10pm with the alarm set for 3.20!

Lay there for about an hour getting hot and couldn't get the thinking out of my head! Eventually must have fallen asleep before the alarm got me going.....the rest is under race report...

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