Saturday, June 4, 2011

Final brick....

So today was my final brick session, supposedly to be 95 mile ride and 4 mile run as I did two weeks ago, I've had a crazy busy week and have been knackered the whole week so approached this with come trepidation - on the flip side if I am not tired now then when will I be??!!

4 of us met at 8 and set out to the coast, it was still chilly so I scooted up the first hill in order to warm up and then that was me done, even with a tailwind I could barely keep up with the others for the first 16 odd miles, it wasn't until we hit the hills that they slowed up and my legs kicked was lovely weather though with the temperature sneaking up in to the 20's and onwards....

Down to wareham and out to the spit of Arne where we fill up our water bottles was tough going for three of us, but one of group was on fire today so I tagged along with him for this bit! Coming back from Arne, through Wareham and out the other side was in to a headwind but its a fast road so we go some good time in here before hitting more hills, lucky I was feeling good at this point, through Corfe Mullen and Wimborne before the final climb though Holt to Three Cross - we split in to two groups here as a couple of the others had to get home at about 58 miles.

Myself and Gully then scooted (with tail wind) down to West Moors, Ferndown and towards Hurn airport before turning smack in to the wind and.....bang I was close to being sick, it was up around at least 25 now and I was feeling it! We kept a good work rate up in to the Forest and to Ringwood, the 6 miles back to Fordingbridge were very windy and tough going for both of us feeling the heat and my round trip to Alderholt to drop Gully off just about finished me off completely, I was riding on empty and although still maintaining speed had no real power or will to keep going!

So I finished it on 87 point something, soon as I was off the bike I freshened up immediately popped on the trainers on and set off - as always I go to fast but reigned it in within 1/2 mile and plodded up to Sandleheath in the shade, a quick pee stop and enjoyed the jog back down through some woods in the shade, about 3 miles in I got a chest pain (don't panic) so walked for a bit before running again, a short while later and it was back with a vengeance so stopped and walked the last bit home having managed 3.5 miles!

I think the chest pain was just an intercostal muscle on the right hand side having a bit of a spasm so no dramas, it went the moment I stopped running!

I was absolutely knackered, totally spent! Collapsed in to the pool at my folks and nicely cooled off! I don't like to think I struggle with sickness in the heat but after today and the marathon in April I definitely think that I should take on more water if its this hot!

So coupled with the last three weeks of big, big bricks and a crazy week at work it's no surprise I pushed it right to the limit - taper starts now and I am really looking forward to the big day...I know I'm good for it once I am fully rested!

Its been a long 17 months but I am ready!

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