Monday, June 20, 2011

6 days to go...

So the day is nearly here, in 6 days time I will be hitting the start line and preparing for my biggest challenge yet - the ironman! Just a reminder its a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle and 26.2 mile run - total is 140.6 miles or 226 kilometres, my made-up target for fundraising was £2,260 which is £10 for every kilometre travelled and as at this minute the total stands at £2,220 which is incredible! I have been genuinely humbled by the donations from people, from £5 up to £200 everyone has been so kind and I really can't thank you all enough - it is incredible! I have tried to thank everyone individually (even those I don't know) but if I have missed you for whatever reason - THANK YOU!

I should also add that all this money (plus gift aid) goes to the charities, I have borne all the costs myself so the kids will benefit from all of it! It is however a made up target so please keep donating...!

So the last 2.5 weeks since my last post has been an odd experience, the first week was still a reasonable training week rounded off with a 60 mile ride/ 4mile run brick which was fine! This past week has been a little more subdued, almost entirely becuase with the rubbish weather I've not really fancied doing a cycling, but I've stuck to swimming and running as prescribed and still got a few hours in on the bike!

This coming week is also very quiet as expected and goes something like this: -

Monday - gentle 25 min run
Tuesday  - 45 min swim
Wednesday - gentle run and swim totalling 1 hour
Thursday - bike for an hour, very sedate
Friday - rest
Saturday - early morning lake swim, 1 lap which will take about 20 minutes

And then it's Sunday...Race Day!

The weekend will be all about preparation for Sunday (surprise, surprise)!

After the lake on saturday I will go and get my bike and kit for the run, then its registration and race briefing at lunchtime followed by bike racking down at the lake, then it will be back home to check over my stuff and chill out before trying to get to sleep!

Sunday: - Up at 3.30am to eat my porridge and golden syrup! Then get my kit on, drink fluids and head to the lake at about 4.30

The lake is at Ellingham Water Ski Lake and there is a BBQ etc for spectators...details to follow!

At the lake I'll check all my stuff, pump up tyres and get wetsuit on....

Then the race starts at 5.30 all being well, now in the pool this takes me about 65 minutes, with a wetsuit on and hopefully some drafting (following someone else really close) this should be about the same, possibly faster!

So out at 6.35 - then its get changed, if its a nice day this won't take long, if its raining and horrible I will put more clothes on so a little bit longer - so hopefully out on the bike at 6.45!

I am aiming to averag 17.5 mph for the 112 miles, this is not particuarly hard for me so I am reasonably confident that I will hit this, so thats 6.5 hours give or take, including stops I would add 15 minutes to this so would aim to finish at Sandy Balls at 1.30 ish, then I will be heading out for the run....and that is anyones guess! All being well I would hope to finish about 6-7pm!

The above estimates are based on everything going swimmingly and of course it may (almost certainly) not go to plan! For those spectating the details of the swim, bike and run and here: -

Although slightly out of date and timings being get the idea this has more up to date timings

Quite a few people have asked where to watch and I would reccomend being at the Fighting Cocks at about 1 where I'll ride past and then run back about 15-20 mins later, then drive to Abbotswell and walk along the ridge where I will be running back and forth, back and forth and then back and forth again! Kel will have her & my phone so she can keep you updated...she'll also be attempting twitter updates....

Lots of people have also asked similiar questions so.....

What will you eat?

During the bike I have energy gels, flapjacks and a drink which has everything I need in it - if its hot I will also use Salt tablets in the drinks! On the run I will continue with the gels, drink and anything I fancy from the aid stations along the route. Basically its little and often!

This week is all about carb-loading - I reckon I'll burn aroun 10,000-13,000 calories on the day so it pays to stock up first!

What are you scared of?

Nothing.... he he! Actually the only thing that worries me is something I can't control (which is silly to worry about) i.e. if my bike completely fails or the medics pull me out for whatever reason! I can fix a lot of things on the bike with the little toolkit I carry around but anything major and its game over! I do have my puncture fixing time down to 8 minutes back on the bike! Be assured that if its just down to me then I will finish!

Are you nervous?

No oddly I am not, I am really excited (odd for me) - its going to hurt, I already know that, the thing I am looking forward to is the hurt - because that is where the test is!

Which bit will be the worst?

The run...its a marathon!

Which bit is your worst?

Again the run, I'm not a great runner so this will be tough anyway! But I am actually more concerned about the bike....the swim should be fine, I like swimming and its early doors when I should have energy and once you get to the just got to do it! The bike on the other hand is a loooooong time and you have to get it right!

Whats your finishline song?

Yeah you get to choose! I've gone for Monster by the Automatic as I always listen to it when running, just exchange the word Monster for Timmy!

Won't you get bored?

No...its a race

I'll blog again during the week with a final round-up but until then its carb-loading time!

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