Friday, January 14, 2011

Things I've learnt...

Vegetables help you lose weight: -

I've been on a 95% vegetarian diet since New Year...or rather a 5% meat diet, since then I've only had one small bite of chicken in a chow mein, I do however eat fish, eggs etc - the aim of this is to lose weight I am not a vegetarian! I have lost 2.3kgs so far, part of this was on a day when I had a slightly dodgy tummy - whether this was because the meat was finally clearing from my system or whether I ingested too much of anti-bacterial gel I don't know but it worked! I couldn't do this as a permemanent diet but as a temporary thing for a month minimum it is very good for dropping the weight!

Not drinking helps you lose weight: -

I've yet to dig in to my 12 pint allowance until July and no doubt that has contributed to my weight loss along with the above and the green tea I've been drinking! The only difficult time is on a Friday night after work when a pint or two would see the weekend in nicely!

Doing lots of exercise helps you lose weight: -

By the end of tonight I will have hit 22 hours in just under two weeks, by Sunday it will be about 26 hours....this definitely helps you lose weight.

I can push my body when it doesn't want too: -

This has happened twice this week - once at the SAQ session I did at the rugby club on wednesday night and last night on the turbo!

Last set of circuits we were doing a cone running type drill, very stop-start, my legs didn't want to carry on, oddly my brain wasn't close to giving up and just rode it out - no problem! It was odd, because I didn't feel tired - just my legs suddenly went weak!

Last night halfway through my second 9*2 minute set - I was out on my feet, dripping with sweat and burning quads - still pulled myself together and nailed the rest of the set....only small things granted but its these things I can draw on in the future!

Learn lane etiquette: -

I already have good lane etiquette, I don't pull out in front of people and if someone fast pulls up behind me, I let them past at the end...this is a note to all others, give and take when its busy!

Ironman training is a selfish sport: -

I spend so much time training and doing my things that its easy to forget that others need your time as well and an hour or two of training will pass quickly for you but not necessarily for them...still only 5 months to go!

Compression gear works: -

...I think, just been wearing a top and I do feel better...I will do a proper review over the weekend

K-Swiss Blade Light Run trainers in yellow make you look like Ali-G: -

I should just put on my mankini and I'd be proper cool! I hope they run better than they look, he he!

Nothing ground breaking I am afraid but that is what I've learnt this week......enjoy

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