Monday, January 10, 2011

Big training week

I often try not to shout to loud when things go well because they often seem to be followed by a bad patch when I get a cold/injury etc - however I am going to try the opposite now as I am not superstituous! I think I may push it too much and not rest sufficiently! Annnnnnyway....last week was great all round with 14.2 hours knocked out and 139 miles of cycling involved!

I should note that this was actually an 8 day week though as I did an hour on the bike and a short run on the preceeding Sunday! However it would have still equalled by biggest to date across all three disciplines!

Monday: -

Having the bank holiday monday meant a free day so I took advantage and set off on the bike, I'd done 20 miles the day before so the legs were broken in, I am no desire on pace just two hours of riding! I set out on a totally different route with loads of layers and my ipod! Don't normally use an ipod on the bike for safety but I put a talking podcast on quietly and it was just like having someone talking with you so no different to normal! I ended up taking in some serious hills including a 14% and 15% incline which were pretty tough going! This is the view from the bottom and then top of the 15%

Needless to say my average speed was low at 14.5mph I think but I covered about 33 miles in 2 hours 20 minutes and tired out my legs so it was a few boxes ticked!

Tuesday: -

First swim since Christmas Eve and it felt like it technique whatsoever and I splashed through various drills and sprints to a mile - always got to get the first swim out the way!

In the evening I ran 4.4 miles - I'm keeping it short at the moment, after the painful last few miles of my Christmas day 12, I figure that lots of short will be better in the lead-up to the race on the 16th - these shorter faster runs hurt like hell though and I don't enjoy them at all, however its all required! 

Wednesday: - 

Sat on the turbo for 1 hour 18 minutes - I work up and down through the gears - 2 minutes each, cadence as high as possible, there is an average amount of resistance, however I am reluctant to increase it after the nightmare with punctures - this is still really good spinning and I get proper jelly legs after so its all good work! 

Thursday: -

Back in the pool, cruising like a fish, a total revelation from Tuesday (that first session is always a bugger), I did sets of 200m, 300, 400, 500 and then back down with the pull buoy - I felt smooth and fast, easily holding my own in a busy triathlete filled pool! Thats a session I can reccomend as well!

In the evening another 4.4 mile run with the same lung hurting, leg burning results...I'm not even close to my 10k pace!

Friday: - This is officially my rest day but since the pool is always quiet on a friday I met super fast triathete Seb in the pool to knock out some drills and sprints - unfortunately I only have an hour before work so couldn't finish the set but it was good to put some quality work in and again I felt good!

Saturday: - nicely rested I met up with Seb for a planned 3 hour ride...slightly nervous as my cycling is way behind where it should be, but I figured I could draft all day if necessary! There was a strong wind and it was cold when still, but out on the bikes it was really quite pleasant! Three other super fast people where there, 2 of whom race nationally and the other been racing bikes and triathlon for years at age group level so massive panic set in for me! For the first 5 or 6 miles I hung out at the back letting the legs warm up before we hit the forest and so I moved up to chat the others and do some of the work and so it continued for the rest of the ride - all 55 miles of it - the wind was very strong so we were either scooting along with it at our backs or slogging in to it! I had to push it on some of the hills to stay with the others but held my own just fine and got to know some good people who can help with riding over the next few months! I noticed how they all sat in the little chain ring spinning loads - I still spin in the big ring and don't think I could adopt the small ring approach for long periods - its never done me any harm and feels comfortable, but was interesting! I was pretty pooped when we rolled in to the finish but really pleased with the ride and felt surprisingly strong considering my lack of real distance in the saddle! Plenty more to come! 

Sunday: -

Well it dawned freezing...minus 2 as I drove over to join my usual cycling group for a 9am ride - it was supposed to be a long run day but I couldn't pass up the invite of more saddle time! 5 of us met, fully wrapped up against the elements - the roads were slightly frosty in places but seemed fine for the first few miles so although steady we carried on.....then after 3 miles we came to a ford, it looked wet but okay so we slowed down and went through...on exiting I heard a crash behind me, then the guy in front of me went down, then I went down, then the other two behind me went down, I couldn't stop laughing - we were going 10mph max so no real damage done other than a sore elbow and a bent rear mech hanger. The others had a few sore hips but nothing life threatening...we ummmed and ahhhed about carrying on but sense prevailed and we headed (slowly) home - this turned out to be the best plan as there were plenty of ice issues on the roads! I bent the hanger back but it'll need replacing so the tri-bike is making an early season appearance for a week of two! 

Back at my parents I donned my shorts and trainers and went for a 5.5 mile run - this felt much better as I reduced the pace to 8.30's and mixed on & off road, it was turning in to a lovely morning and I enjoyed the 48 minute cruise around.

So that was the week done...I considered going to swim training but decided common sense should prevail and so rested up! 

Next week is set for 11 hours which seems easily manageable after last week and I am back in to that tired mode which is a nice place to be actually - still have about 7kgs to shift before race day in June but we'll see how that pans out! Next week culminates with a race on Sunday, Wiltshire's toughest race apparently so we'll see how that goes - its just more training for me so I am not after any time goals!

I've been invited to some coaching at a different pool on Friday by a coach who I was chatting to in the normal pool - not sure what it involves but its the 'Swim Smooth' approach (?!?) ah well we'll see what its like, its all good time in the water if nothing else!

Friday is supposed to be my rest day as mentioned but am thinking of making it Monday - whats best - rest so that you can have a great weekend of long training or rest on the Monday when you've gone right to the edge over the weekend...toughy! I like my Friday nights though so will see how I go!

My other issue is trainers...I think my Saucony Paramounts are coming to an end - they've done over 500 miles and I am a big guy so think they need a change...however I don't want to spend £120 for the new ones so am looking for other ideas which are more sustainable - its too much for trainers however much running I do!

I've looked at the Nike Lunar's but was warned off them but they sound about right and are reasonable cheap, I think I might get some Brooks T7 racers - as I am doing slightly shorter runs they would still be good and I can see how a different set-up works out for me - they aren't heniously expensive either! Decisions.....decisions...

all feedback welcomed...

Take care all!

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