Friday, January 28, 2011

Structure, focus and moving on...

After my mental break down of mid week and aggravating my hip injury that evening I took a complete day off - actually it will be over 48 hours till I train again tonight! I was at the SAQ session on Wednesday night and couldn't get my HR anywhere near the level it should be so guessing I was just uber tired! Took yesterday off and took on loads of water, porridge, salads etc - felt much better last night and though I slept badly last night I do feel fresher today - hopefully tonights swim class will be very technique focussed and not intense so I can settle back in to it, its fair to see that a quiet week is required every 3 weeks!

My training plan is totally devised myself and while it would be good, I think more structure is required so I have picked up an online guide from one the magazines which starts 12 weeks out - I am going to stick to this to the letter and it should get me through! Its fair to say my training regime pushes me too hard in terms of intensity - this plan will slow me down and therefore hopefully not tire me out too much!

As for my hip - its not actually my hip - its my right glute, plenty of tennis ball massage and no running this weekend should see it right again and I will get back to running next week! There is a slim chance I may have a spot in the London Marathon (hopefully confirmed later) not ideal on the 17th April but I will treat it as training and just bimble round and soak up the experience! Anyway we'll see if that works out!

So to answer my previous questions: -  
  • Can I really be bothered with the next 5 months of training? Nope, but I am going to do it anyway and be determined to enjoy it - I am lucky I can do it!
  • Am I pretending to be something I'm not? (a triathlete) Yes...but who cares 
  • Is this really what I want to spend much more of my life doing? ...its less than 5 months're gonna live forever!
  • I train hard and the gains aren't that big..... don't be such a plank
  • I'm losing a lot of the fun from my life yeah but it will be worth it
  • Have I made a massive mistake?? I'll let you know in less than 5 months time
So thats my current frame of mind, it will no doubt in change in three weeks time when I have another massive breakdown.....I should like to apologise in advance!

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