Monday, January 24, 2011

January Week 3

Okay I am tired...and my legs hurt! But thats no surprise really, another solid week in the bag even if slightly less than the target but there was a reason for this!

So this week went a little something like this: -

Monday: - rest day, much needed and good to get a lot of house stuff done!

Tuesday: - Swam in the morning, as usual it was pretty tough going being the first swim for 4 days, 2.1k doing different distances but getting progressively quicker on each

At lunch I did my 4 mile loop, as usual I nearly died after 2 miles -  my body doesn't like going from completely still to trying to run a steady 4 miles at 8min/miles or under and the third mile always hurts - to be fair it is then uphill and was very muddy - think I need to get a different route in winter!

Evening was supposed to be free but I had to head over to my parents to move some carpet so I joined the boys at the rugby club - turned in to a really good 1hr 45min session with lots of contact and running - pleased I avoided injury and felt super fit so all good there!

Wednesday: - 80 mins on the turbo including 2.5 18 min intervals, went well actually and left me with Jelly legs as usual!

Thursday: - Swam in the morning, 300 warm up, then 4*100 of various drills, then into a 400m to try and set a new pb.....and I finally broke the 6min barrier with a 5.58 and a bit of traffic so that was good confidence boosting! I was supposed to run in the evening but my hip was still aggravating so I figured I'd rest it and run long at the weekend

Friday: - back in the pool again, with 400m, 1600m and 600m - pleased with the mile - paced myself steadily to a new PB of 26.47 - plenty left to go though so that will come down in time - just happy to put in the distance this morning!

Saturday: - Out on the bike, had planned for 3 hours but I new realistically this wasn't going to happen, I didn't have my mojo - in fact after a few miles I had to check the brakes weren't on as it felt hard to turn those pedals - kill or cure though so I found a mile long hill and span up it to wake the legs - this worked so I carried on for a fair few miles after that - after just over an hour my feet were freezing so I turned for home - decided some quality was required so hit the next ten miles averaging about 21mph ish before the last 3 or 4 home - nice to get some speed work in and have a blast - one hour 15 short of target but it was toooo cold - I have now got some overshoes!

Sunday: - Long run day, usual route is 12 miles over to my parents, its a tough route with some long and steep hills, deep mud and slippy tracks but I love it - I decided to take a different approach this week and fast-walked the steep hills - this really seemed to work well and meant I could happily maintain 45secs or so faster on the flats than when I have run the whole thing, I lost a shoe in the mud at one point which meant lots of hopping about but managed to rescue it! I also added on an extra loop to make it 13.5 miles in total - averaging 8.47 which was pleasing as I felt pretty strong - the final 5 miles hovered around 8min/miles which I found easier than my short lunch runs! A nice confidence building run - the hip was/is sore but nothing like the stinging pain of previous weeks - the tennis ball is doing its trick! My new trainers (K-Swiss Blade Light Run) are fantastic on the road and feel great - they are awful on the muddy trails though so bring on summer! 

I have reneged on my 12 pints in six months though, I had 1.5 glasses of red on Friday and 3 beers in total on Saturday afternoon/evening and two glasses of red with a roast on Sunday - I managed 3 weeks bone dry but I decided I was taking this all too seriously and I need some sort of relaxation! I don't drink excessively and the odd glass of wine/guinness won't hurt me! I need to enjoy myself as well!

I have some compression tights on their way which I am looking forward to very much - if it works as well as the top I'll be very pleased! This week is more of the same, hoping for warmer cycling weather on Saturday but if not then I'll make up for it with extra running!


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