Thursday, July 29, 2010


This post is another one of my spill out all my thoughts/update in order to help me sort out where I am and maybe gain some clarity!

After Sundays race and a 30 minute cameo in a charity rugby match, I was pretty knackered - I went to get the bike out after work to have a spin but it had a puncture - decision was pretty swiftly made to not train! I pulled the tube out and it was a leaky valve anyway so couldn't fix it!

Tuesday I had a great swim in the morning and then a really nice relaxing ride in the evening with a friend - we only averaged 16.5 mph over 23.5 miles and it was really nice just to enjoy being out on the bike - when on my own I find I push hard and don't ease off a bit and enjoy it! We did put in some hills which were good, plus I managed 48.5 mph whilst on the tri-bars...which was shaky!

Last night was a run - 6.35 miles which I found tough going, in fairness it was off road and over a couple of hills, I did it with a friend who is recovering from a broken ankle and we spent half the time reminiscing of our 9-10 mile runs which we could knock out a couple of times a week with no issues....oh what a pain injuries are! Anyway my knee was slightly sore but nothing bad and some stretching and ice helped after! I am pretty sure that I am on the road to recovery with it, its just a matter of taking it steady and stretching all the time - once my hamstrings are a bit more normal the knee pain will go!

This morning - I knocked out 5*500m in the pool each set taking about 8.58 minutes - used my new goggles which were lovely! Training is going to be tricky over the next few days as we are moving house - only a couple of miles away but I will be right next to the leisure centre and a perfect 10 mile flat-ish cycle route - so no excuses!!

My main decision is which races to do before the end of the year - I have an 80 mile sportive on the bike which I am going to treat as a TT and go out on my own pretty hard and see what happens! thats on 23rd August!

I really want to do the One Last Tri half-iron in October but am worried about my running - if I continue to improve over the next couple of weeks I'll go for it - at £95 its too expensive to risk dropping out of! That will give me plenty of time to assess what I need to do before the Forestman next June!


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