Friday, July 2, 2010

Swim time,,,

So after pretty much no swimming in June, I dragged myself out of bed this morning to hit the pool - no expectations, no plan - just do it!

I did my usual session which is a total of 2k (80 lengths in 25m pool)

First 12 warm up lengths were nothing short of horrendous - it was like I'd forgotten how to swim! I plugged through them trying to foucs on technique, think - glide the arms, bend the elbow, roll the hips.............

anyway I then went on to 4x4 lengths of drills - first single arm drills, then catch up, then high elbows followed by gliding (i.e try and reduce the number of strokes in a length whilst never actually stopping arm cadence) got it down to 15 strokes per length which was alright!

then in to by 10 * 100 metres at fast pace (not 100% but quick)

These went:-

1.42 (goggles came off)

Never timed it before so not sure how this looks - but its about 6 minutes per 400 at this pace so its not too bad for first swim in a month!

Still suffering from trapped wind after swimming - more controlled breathing needed! but hey ho!

Trying to convince my self to do the full 112 mile Forestman bike route tomorrow - its three laps so I can park my car in the middle and use it as a feed station to top up with water etc - think I'll go out and do a couple of laps and if feeling good knock out the third! Anyway that is its raining...!


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