Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The title is a race car zooming past by the way....

I feel I should blog after yesterdays depressing blog...I knew part of getting the focus back was just about writing down all the rubbish so it was filed away and done with! Probably should've done it on a piece of paper and put in the bin rather than the WWW for everyone to see - however this challenge is all about the journey and sacrificing something to help others so if it means putting yourself out there then so be it!

Excuse me I digress.....

So I felt yesterday that I just needed a pain free run or a good blow out to see me right again - and as I was driving back to my parents last night from where I was going to run, I was passing the Forestman run course so decided sod it, put my kit on and ran part of it - its gravelly with some ridiculously steep and long hills but I was able to manage 4 miles with no pain - (slight soreness after but fine now) at 8.54 ave. pace which I'm fine with! Thats my longest non-stop run since May so I chuffed to bits with it!

I only saw one person on the whole run - its in the middle of the New Forest - and it was a good reminder of what I like about running - being on my own in the middle of nowhere enjoying the freedom!!

It was also a great taster of the eventual Forestman Route - tough but awesome!

So I was back on a bit of a high after that....I then met up with some old friends which was really cool and left me feeling pretty happy and fresh!!

Hit the pool this morning with renewed vigour and banged out my usual set - albeit slightly modified - also hit a 100m PB of 1.32 - the rest all averaged 1.36 so nice and sorted!

With the run as it was and feeling good about the swim - I'm now really looking forward to the race on sunday - BRING IT ON!! Wooohoooo!!! Focus restored - only takes one session!!


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