Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm back...

Realised I haven't blogged in a while so this is a brief update...

From my previous blog I had planned to do a big 112 mile route...that didn't happen! Decided to stay local and do a nice long route but even this didn't happen - I hadn't taken in to account how my legs would feel after dartmoor the week before - I suffered big time - even stopping to check the brakes weren't rubbing - I eeked out 25 odd miles and settled for that! Then added another 30 the next day with some mates - the legs felt fine!

Lesson recovery rides after big sessions!

Then I've been on holiday for the last 8 days - this was great though I did minimal exercise - the 34 degree heat was too much for me! A couple of 2.5 mile runs and I did lots of swimming but nothing I would really call training! The runs however were amazing - running along the quiet St Tropez harbour front is a stunning experience! And swimmimg in the 26 degree mediterranean is lovely too, I could have got used to it I reckon!!

I've been back for three days now and put in some solid work - at this time of year all the local rugby clubs are doing there pre-season training - since this mostly involves core, strength and sprints I'm taking advantage of it as it as excellent foil for Ironman training - thats roughly two hours a night every tuesday, wednesday and thursday between two clubs for the next five weeks! Coupled with some big weekends training and morning swims - I hope to see some speed improvements! It also allows me to run without knee pain - which is a good thing!!

Anyway thats a brief catch up - I have a sprint on the 25th so am looking forward to that!


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