Monday, July 19, 2010

No-mans land.....

I am stuck at the moment....not sure where I am or what I'm focussed on! I'm still training and enjoying it but its not as long or as fast as I feel it should be...totally my fault, I need to pull my finger out but its easier said than done! Pretty sure its all a mental hangover from Dartmoor and then my holiday!

I'm hoping my knee will be better soon because then I can run again - always a good think because you can get great workouts in just an hour or even less, wheras I need to be on the bike for a good few hours! I'm going to run tonight and give it loads of stretching and take it easy, hoping to get a few miles of pain free running!

I've got a sprint triathlon this weekend - 400m swim, 13 mile cycle, 4.5 mile run! I've not run that far in a long time, if I get through tonight I'll be happy if not - I'm not sure what to do - go and blitz the bike and swim and just pull out if it goes in the run....or just don't bother and have a good mornings training on the bike.....any reccomendations welcome....???

Ideally I'll be fine tonight and race on sunday, that'll give me my mojo back - I know I'm not fit or fast enough to do anything special in the race but it will give me my mojo back! Looking at last years results - I can hit top ten for the swim and bike....on a good day I reckon top 25 in total!

Anyway I should look at the positives - I am fitter and faster than I have ever been in my life, I've put a pound or three one this last two weeks but that will go again by the end of the month no worries! I'm going to put off entry to the ONe-Last-Tri until next month so I can be sure of my knee - I'm not spending that kind of money to not be able to finish it...!

So there we are...I'm wandering in no-mans land - training with no focus....will pull it together over the next two weeks and look forward to August....that'll be 11 months and counting to Forestman!

Ciao for now

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