Monday, November 22, 2010


So I am all better now which is good, though my training hasn't progressed from barely happening....what with the last couple of weeks being rugby and work focussed the time and energy hasn't really been there! I've still got plenty of swimming in but only been running twice a week and no cycling - this week may change that slightly and with no weekend plans I am looking forward to a weekend dedicated to training! Definitely a good cycle and a long run and hopefully a good long swim on Sunday too - this will be interspersed with studying for my final accountancy exam - it'll be good to get that out the way on December 10th - then there are no pressures! Just training! I'm really looking forward to training at the moment which is a good feeling!

I went for a recovery run yesterday evening which was only 3.5 miles and hurt a lot - big roast, sore body and some champagne/wine with lunch a few hours earlier is not good even for just that gentle run! My Garmin has been sent off for repair so I'm using Runkeeper on the Iphone at the moment - its rubbish compared to a Garmin and I am pretty sure it isn't as accurate or reliable as a Garmin - but its free so I am not complaining!

I feel I should enter more races as a kick up the backside to encourage training but I find I do less training as a result because I worry about tapering/recovery etc too much but they are fun...ah well we'll see what comes up - I keep checking the events pages for the right race to pop up!

I'm not in as good shape as I was two months ago but I think I really was in good shape back then and I can get back there pretty quickly and then push on to Ironman shape from there! Watching the guys at the Ironman Arizona race this weekend just shows that with the dedication anyone can do it!

Other than that #sillyswimcomp and #winterswim are good fun for ticking out the pool time - at this rate I think I will stand more chance of swimming 112 miles than cycling them! he he!


  1. Recovery runs are my pet hates - I can never stick to doing them. Fair play to you Tim you have a good, positive attitude to training.

  2. Ha flucuates, trust me! I'm not a fan of them but they are good if your feeling rubbish and need to do something! I am looking forward to your next venture...!