Friday, November 5, 2010

The Good & the bad black stuff...

Don't know what has happened to me this week, Monday was a total rest day and that was fine, I had a great run on Sunday so just chilled out and with a busy work week that was fine! Tuesday morning I got up for my normal swim, started off with sprints but just couldn't find my speed, felt like I was pushing a bit of a dead weight so I chilled out and went a bit slower!

That night was supposed to be a run but I went to Rugby training instead, I do this occasionally because: -

a) Its fun
b) I get to see my mates
c) It breaks up the run/swim/cycle pattern once a week while still having some exercise
d) It is either sprinting or standing still so in a way balances out my long and slow running with some speedwork!

Anyway I felt fine then wednesday nights planned run, again didn't happen - when I got home from school I felt so washed out I couldn't face it, same when my alarm went off for Thursday morning swim, though I slept badly so wasn't bothered!

I then went to run Thursday night, I again felt washed out but needed to get it done so thought I would do my usual 5.5 miles around town, first couple of miles where fine over the hills and my form was pretty good, I then started to feel a bit tired but saw out the next mile...then it hit me, I had to walk every few 100 yds just to get home via a legs weren't tired or sore it was just my body and head put on a total mental block! It felt awful - worst run I've ever had!

I got some sleep and went swimming again this morning - I still felt a bit dead, my form was excellent but I couldn't push through to my normal speed, I blasted out a 100m burst half way through which was good but I practically died after that and the last 400 odd metres were spent mixing up strokes and cruising along, anyway it was a mile and its all time but it just seems I've been unable to pick myself up mentally - physically I think I am fine! So what is it?

I don't think its overtraining, I did ten hours last week with that long run on Sunday but it was all low intensity stuff and shouldn't cause a problem, I think its more to do with caffiene and being brain dead!

Brain dead because all week I have been at the training centre studying for my last exam - they are relatively short days (9-4) with lots of breaks and I never feel taxed (excuse the pun) but I think that much intense studying can leave the head a bit fuzzy to the real world - expecially noticeable back at work today where I can barely work out whats going on!

Secondly and more importantly I think Caffiene is the problem, I rarely drink it as I am not a fan of coffee, tea is fine but don't tend to bother and I don't drink diet coke anymore unless in a pub etc I also prefer cold to hot drinks. But this week I have had a cup of coffee (mocha actually, though I feel slightly pretenious saying it) at lunch tues, wed & thurs to stay focussed for afternoon study and I think this has totally f@cked me over! I've been fine till about 6pm and then just mentally passed out! Simple answer don't drink caffiene...its bad for you! Coffee = bad black stuff

Anyway I shall sleep well tonight, eat a load of carbs and hopefully that'll get rid of all the nasty caffiene from my system @janine_B_lewis suggested beetroot or pineapple juice to assist in this so I'll grab some of that too - tomorrow am is a short ride and long run - I'll keep the intensity low and hopefully settle in to it! After that I have the afternoon off for indulging in England Vs the All Blacks and lots of Guinness (the good black stuff, it is iron after all), sunday will be a mountain bike ride with @norts12 - I'll be hungover so it'll just be for a giggle!

Enjoy your weekends and whatever you do don't drink coffee!!! By all means drink alcohol though - thats really good for you!

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