Monday, November 8, 2010

An apology,...

Turns out I don't think coffee caused me feeling ill last week, well it may have done I don't know but pizza didn't help, nor did loads of sleep - only made it through 2 miles of Saturday's run before walking home and feeling rubbish! Still went out Saturday and had a good day and felt better sunday - more sleep last night and I feel rubbish again!

Its a dizzyness and nausea basically, a bit like feeling permenantely car sick - I get it probably twice a year (last time was feb) - I have had MRI scans and stuff but nothing was really ever picked up - they said a virus (mild viral encephalytis) had damaged one of the nerves between my left ear and the brain, meaning the other once compensated for it by sending faster signals - therefore making me feel dizzy! I'm not sure I buy it to be honest as it just comes and goes with no real warning or apparent cause!

Its rather frustrating as physically I am fine...body wants to go but head can't! I'll keep resting this week and hopefully I will be better by the weekend...its annoying though because thats two weeks training gone when I am supposed to be building up again!

Ah well back to the grindstone....everyone elses training sounds good! Keep it up!

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