Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back from the brink...

After being ill all last week I have finally turned the corner, it was the dizziness I blogged on previously which lasted right up through to Sunday really, though it was mostly gone by Friday! I even took a day off work just to rest....and I never take days off for illness - I think three in total in about 10 years?! Doctor confirmed it was the crystals in my inner ear that get knocked about and then take a few weeks to settle down, something I have to live with so nothing to do with diet!

Anyway I played Rugby on Saturday...I know, I know I have supposedly retired from that but the boys have had a nasty run of results so I stuck my name back in for three weeks to see if I can bring anything to the party...I didn't this last week but I think we'll turn it round the next two weeks! Ironically I think I am better player now then I was a year ago despite being a lot weaker! Anyway the rugby hopefully shouldn't impact my basic training during the week, it just means Saturday and mostly Sunday are no go days! Since November has been a write-off anyway I can live with it!

August was great, September was average, October was great, November was very poor - see a pattern developing!! If this is the way it is going to go then so be it, I reckon I can manage it fine right up to June providing I am sensible during the hard times and make sure I push it! The other side of it is to strap a pair on and turn the bad months in to good months! That hardness will come when the New Year is past, right now over seven months out it just isn't needed!

I asked what others did in terms of weekly hours for Ironman and most averaged about 10-12 hours which I am comfortable doing anyway so that was really reassuring - I would like to hit a few 20's next spring and certainly May time which will be great - obviously the weather will make a difference - its the long riding that I need to get back in to the habit of, I've been doing a few 2-2.5 hour rides to tick over but will look forward to the bigger hours in spring!

Anyway I am now feeling better which is good - the odd dizzy spell is still there but nothing too bad, last nights 4.5 mile gentle run went by fine, though I could tell I hadn't been for a while! This mornings 4*500m swim also went fine really, it took me 1750 of flapping before I found my grove and could flow but this was no surprise with shoulders that were still rock solid after Saturdays game and no swimming for a week!

The diet has been okay...my late night chocolate craving has not gone but I am trying De-caffienated Green Tea (tastes like a hedge dipped in water) to add a change from plain water! I've still got 5-6kgs of fat to lose so when that goes I'll be like lightening...zooooommm!

Anyway until next time...sick note is out...

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