Friday, April 8, 2011

Summer Sun...Somethings Begun.....

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh....what beautiful weather, I reckon 22-24 degrees C is my perfect temperature for everyday so the last few days has been very nearly ideal! Obviously on holiday I like it hotter but for day to day you can beat it....and England bathed in golden sunshine is about as good as it gets!

Training has been really good too, got a 4 hour bike ride tomorrow into a 15 min run and then a further two hours on the bike on Sunday which should also be really nice....I'll be toasty brown (red) by the end of this weekend! I also have sore muscles and am tired anyway from this last week so by Sunday I shall be nicely cooked! Then next week is a very quiet gentle week leading in to the London Marathon, the week after has some prescribed sessions but again is pretty easy to recover and no running! Then it picks right back up for the final 9 weeks of intense hard training! I am really looking forward to the race now and feel I am on the right path, knowing it is only 11 weeks to go is a great feeling as it has been a long journey and the end is looming large!

In other news I finish my current job in less than two weeks (21st April) and then have till the 3rd May off due to bank holidays and accrued holiday so 11 days of time off will be awesome during which I plan to do loads and loads and loads of pedalling including a crack at the Ironman course under race conditions which will be pretty good I think! I then start my new job on the 3rd which I am very much looking forward to...unfortunately no shower so no cycling to work....though with hills out that way thats no bad thing!

Back in the gym I have been getting back in to doing some weight lifting and core work, only light stuff to help strenghten the general body areas rather than for packing on muscle but its all good and will give some base to when I start putting more muscle back on after the ironman!

Other than that its time to enjoy some sun...woohoo!

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