Monday, April 11, 2011

Second week of April Training...

Awesome weeks training, in fact my highest 7 day total total to date which is good, I also feel good so that if it wasn't for the London Marathon on Sunday I would be good to carry on with a similiar weeks worth of training!

Monday : - as I had rested (hangover) on Sunday I used Monday as a training day, and knocked out a a good 1 hour, 19.5 mile ride from the house, good route with only one nasty hill and lots of good riding in it so will use this more often

Tuesday : - Morning swim, various 400's, i.e 400m warm up, 4*100 drills, 4 * 100 sprints, then more 400's for a 2.4 k swim.
In the evening I knocked out a good 7.2 mile run practicing my 9 min run/1 min walk routine which I plan to employ in the Marathon next week - I averaged 8.5 minutes per mile on this quite easily but will back it off on marathon day - my two runs this coming week will be at this pace to check I am comfortable with it.

Wednesday : - Into the gym for a small brick (20 min cycle, 5 min run) not sure what benefit these have but I guess they must do something and its all a good workout - I then went and did some weights and core work, all building a base and keeping shoulders strong!

Then it was in to the pool for swimwise (coaching session) this was a total failure as I kept getting loads of cramp in my feet! I'd been working a tennis ball into my feet most the afternoon and as they tightened back up it was causing me issues! Still managed 1.2k of drills and other swimming, so not all lost!

Thursday : - I went and jonied in rugby training as the weather was good, 2 hours of running around and sprinting meant my legs were pretty shot afterwards - I didn't fancy going out for an interval session or fast run and would definitely have got more from this session anyway!

Friday : - 2k morning swim, 5*400 but I was tired and my speed was down with legs being very tight from the nights running before! Still got it done and its all good! I know my swim is fine for the time being and will increase as per the schedule so I am not in anyway worried about this!

Saturday : - Great cycle, 70 miles in 3hours 54 minutes, went out with a friend at 8.30 and whilst a slight nip in the air the sun was out in full force and it soon got hot! The first 2.5 hours were pretty speedy and we both some reasonable efforts in to get round averaging 18.9 mph which is much faster than planned and I could feel some tiredness creeping in to the legs although it had taken an hour for me to click in to gear anyway!

After 50 odd miles we backed it off a bit and spun through some leafy lanes enjoying the fantastic weather before my friend left me at 55 miles and I carried on spinning around over some rolling hills to round out for 70 miles feeling pretty fresh, I then slipped on my trainers for the prescribed 15 minute run, went straight on to a track and run for 7.5 minutes before turning around and coming back for a whole 1.81 miles! I noticed that I was running at 8.11 min/miles which is a good pace for me, I expected to be slower but it seemed to be the natural pace for me, slowing down (or even speeding up) would have caused a lot more difficulty! Something to address for the future as my IM marathon will be a lot slower!

Sunday: - Due out for 2 hours with the local group, I was expecting (hoping) for a nice sociable ride....and yet we ended up knocking out a fast and flat 1.45 hours/35 miles of riding (with obligatory cake stop by the sea), it was a great ride actually and we averaged 20.4 for the outward journey and slightly less on the way home - I put in a few good stints at the front including a good 2 miles at 25 mph+ however I was hanging on towards the end and grateful for the slightly slower pace for the last 3-4 miles!      

Felt fine afterwards though and was tempted by swimming in the evening but I was already over my suggested timetable by 2 hours so with an eye on the marathon we knocked up a superb BBQ and sat in the sun!

All in all feeling good, am slightly stiff today but seeing the osteopath (also my riding partner) tonight to work some tension outof them!

The rest of the week is mostly spend slowing down and getting prepared for Sunday - I am swimming Tuesday morning, nothing hard, probably one of my usual routines, a 4-5 mile run on tuesday night trying the 9/1 method again, Wednesday is busy with the vicar (wedding stuff), Thursday was going to be a morning swim but I think I'll do an evening gentle ride instead followed by a short jog and swim on Friday night...then its go time!


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