Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nearly at the race...

2 days, 18 hours, 25 minutes and 58 seconds to go to the start of the 2011 London Marathon and I am surprisingly excited about it. I only found out I was doing this a couple of months ago and its only really started to sink in over the last couple of days that I am actually going to be doing this race...I mean me...the London Marathon...crazy!

Its not an A race and is just some more training but it has been taking over my thoughts for the last couple of days and I've been reading up and generally researching as much as possible and now I am really looking forward to it - first time I ever met someone who I had just run it I remeber thinking how unbelievably far running that far sounded...well its not the most exciting thing in the world hence why run volume isn't huge but I can run that far and I can't wait to do it in front of the amazing crowd! I also remember thinking that it must take someone amazing to do that...well if I can do it...

I am well aware that it will hurt and that I will hit the 'wall' at some point but I am confident that I will finish in my hopeful time and that with the correct nutrition I will be able to feel fine most the way round! The only tough bits on my last 20 were the long lonely lanes and my over-carbing so I am learning from that! I am also hoping that I am not bright enough to realise that I am tired!

As for the over-carbing, well this week I have been really strict on my diet and kept it light and fresh, tomorrow (Friday) I will start upping the carbs and the come Saturday it will be pasta for lunch and supper, with some rice pudding to follow then porridge and honey will be seen off safely on Sunday morning! I'll avoid eating the wraps, ice cream and Guinness on top of this ala the 20 miler...?!

As for clothing, the charity have given me a vest and t-shirt...I wasn't sure about the vest as I've not ran in one before and the t-shirt is a wearing rather than running t-shirt...however I summed up some courage and wore the vest for my 10k on Thursday night and actually it is great, comfortable and cool so I'll be wearing that...see below...

...though I appreciate I may look like a plank! However its a great charity and the least I can do!

I have really struggled with my last few runs, they've hurt and I have struggled but I am told this is normal during taper week (I am only doing a weeks taper) so am not too worried I know I'll turn up just fine on Sunday (gulp)!

I am still hoping to stick with my 9/1 run/walk race plan in a bid to keep my legs fresh as possible and should be able to pace this to about 9 minute miles which is more than comfortable, I'll get help up at the start as I am in a slower start pen but will hopefully make this up later in the race...not too quickly mind or I will burn out! I steadily paced the 20 miler to 2 hours 55 minutes so assuming I can do almost the same then that leaves 1 hour to do 10k which is more than acheivable (on a normal day)....hey even if I fail it doesn't matter, its all about the experience, but I will fail big time, no 4 hours 3 seconds or anything like that, I will back right off and soak up the finishing straight!

We've had some more bad news in our area (not related to me) so I am also aware of the fact that I am very very lucky just to be able to do it so that is always great motivation!

I guess this means a lot because I don't really view the ironman marathon as a marathon...I am aware that it is but I see it more of a 15 mile run then an 11 mile survival run/walk/crawl where just keeping going will be an acheivement! In a way the stand alone marathon seems harder....can't wait!

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