Monday, October 25, 2010

Tyred of tyres....

I hate punctures...rain, wind, hail etc I can just about cope with but punctures pee me off...and the inner tube people know it too - £3-£4 each for a bit of rubber! I fixed all my old tubes yesterday about 6 repairs in all - this morning one of them gone down again and then one blew out on the turbo! Grrrr!

It's been pretty steady still since my last post - averaging about 7-8 hours a week at the moment - gradually increasing as we go - the miles are getting longer for running and swimming is always pretty standard but I am enjoying the less intense more relaxed workouts and the escapism of long runs!

A couple of hours on the bike at the weekends are enjoyable and not long enough to tire myself out for longer runs on sundays - this weekend I was enjoying my ride around the forest with Chris before I got a puncture (grrr) I thought my heavy cheaper tyres may have added protection but it was a monster stone wedged in there! Luckily they come on and off easy and with the CO2 pump it was a matter of 6 or 7 minutes to change and get back on my way - though we got caught in a proper hail storm - very funny at first but it soon got too painful so we hid under a tree till it eased off! The wind, thunder and lightening that occompained it was pretty awesome! One thing though....I was taught not to stand under tree when there is lightening about but don't really want to stand in the open with a shiny metal bike.....hmm catch 22!

My run yesterday was great - the weather was cold (5-6 degrees) but sunny and still so I headed up to the downs around whitsbury and ran around the hills - I had a long sleeved thermal top, gloves and shorts, the gloves came off after a couple of miles but on the turnaround in to the wind I properly felt the cold on my knees and they started to ache - note to self, wear run-leggings if under 8 degrees for long runs! Here are some photos: -
Photo uptowards Whitsbury Castle (old fort covered in trees) - which I ran up to and around :-
Far side of the fort - looking out over fields from under the trees - it was warm in the sun and felt like summer - awesome!
A tunnel of trees around the castle, it was the light at the end of the tunnel - looked pretty cool!
Just a photo....the block of trees in the far distance was were I had ran from and eventually back too....just can't see the valley and mud in the middle!

It ended up as 9.5 mile, 90 minute run which was pretty steady but really nice - I could feel a few beers in me from the night before but the sun and views made up for it - wanted to go further but it can wait till next weekend!
Continuing to build up to the deep, dark winter months and the big weekly miles of January, though I have my final exam between then and now so there will be a dip in late Nov and early Dec!

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