Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ticking along...

October is ticking along quite nicely as far as training goes - I am very busy with work and study etc so its been lots of short, sharp sessions, including hitting the turbo a couple of mornings too - I've got quite into it as well - just for 30 mins or 45 mins but you can really get going on the intervals and bust out some good work!

Last Saturday I helped out my old Rugby club who needed an extra man for the trip to London - this obviously put a dent in my training for the weekend but it was great fun and I do miss playing - once this is done - I will be back playing for sure! Took me a while to ease off my aching back and hamstrings but they seem to have gone and last night I had a nice fast 35 minute run for about 4.5 miles - stupid Garmin is hardly working now so I measure the distance after!

Supposed to me doing a half-marathon on sunday which will be good to do - not bothered about time but would be interesting - I have, however been feeling slight niggles in my knee where the old problem was! Therefore I am not sure what to do - I'll be cycling a long way on Saturday so I will see how I feel on sunday morning - if I'm not sure I can do it then I'll just run myself and see how that goes - no point wasting entry money on not finishing!

My weight is also starting to come back down which is good - I only put on a few pounds but it felt like a lot!

So things are looking positive - I am trying to focus on going long at the weekends rather than just short blasts - a bit slower but getting the endurance in at about 70% HR - its also good fun when on your own!

I figure I have effectively done one 'tri-season' now despite doing only two tri's so its a pretty good place to be in - I am confident about the big one next June - I could finish in 16 hours - the difference is I want to make it enjoyable and put something down I can be proud of!

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