Wednesday, October 6, 2010


We've all met people that enhance the truth slightly, expand on the facts or just lie (a bit like Jay from the Inbetweeners..he he) and in fact most of us at one time or another do bend truth in what we say....when I started training and undertaking this idea I promised I would never lie about training or make up sessions.

This to the point where I don't round-up the half miles or the 5 seconds here or there, in fact the opposite - if I lose count when swimming, I swim the extra just to make sure...etc etc! I'm no golden boy but when it comes to training there is no point in lying to myself!

So it was bought to my attention that someone I looked up to for their training was in fact talking crap 40% of the time, I won't name names but if your reading this it probably isn't you! I thought about it for a bit and it gets on my nerves - it doesn't affect me and in all circumstances doesn't harm anyone but it gets on my nerves because they aren't being honest with themselves so what's the point! As soon as people realise you then lose all credibility...

So I thought a bit more and it occured to me that perhaps these people don't realise they are talking crap - they've got so used to it that it just seems normal, its not malicious, it's just deluded!

And that led me back to I deluded?, do I think I am able to do an Ironman by doing what I am and going about it my own way? Have I got so used to thinking about Ironman, talking about it and visualising that finishline that I think it will just happen! Well yes in a way I am slightly deluded currently - I have a hell of a long way to go yet, miles to put in and kg's to lose....and I know I need to ramp it up a whole lot but deluded or not I will be crossing that line in June and I sure as well won't bullshit about it!

So if your not being honest with yourself perhaps you should at the very least be honest with others and don't portray yourself as something that you are not yet...portray what you are and then when you reach your goals portray yourself as you are then! For instance... I'm not an Ironman yet in anyway shape or form (technically I won't ever be - I will be an Iron-distance-man) and please don't think that I am, I have done two sprint triathlons and I am improving.......but I am not there yet and I don't pretend to be!

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