Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting there...

Today I am feeling more refreshed...and so I should be! I had a complete rest day and it drove me up the wall - I was shattered and lethargic but still felt horrible not doing anything so I set about some chores to occupy my mind! Haircut, car cleaned in and out, spare room spotless, bank info all shredded and recycled and removed loads of clothes I no longer wear to give to charity! So pretty productive for me! I also fitted my garmin quick release....oh the joys!

Rather alarmingly I did notice, as I was sat in front of the mirror at the hairdresser, how small my arms have got since I stopped rugby - don't get me wrong they were never massive but I was ever so distressed! I think I am at that point of weight loss where I have lost the bulk I once had but still not burnt enough fat to regain any definition in my body - its not good, especially when I am hitting the beach in two weeks for my hols!

The answer to this = gym work! I am going to include two sessions a week in to my training to get some strength back in to my weak and feeble body! Throughout my rest day of reflection and self-loathing I have also decided to add more structure in to my training as opposed to just sticking to the hours for a week - at least up till the sprint tri at the end of July and see how that goes! It will all stick within the hours I set aside for each week though!

So my plan is something along these lines :-

Monday morning = Gym
Monday night = Run
Tuesday cycle to work and back
Wednesday night = gym, swimwise plus (coached sessions)
Thursday = cycle to work and back, run straight off!
Friday - likely rest (swimwise plus is in the evening)
Saturday - swim/cycle/run depending on how I'm feeling
Sunday - review the week and top up where necessary (swimwise plus is in the evening)

This will tire me out pretty much and the sessions will be lengthened where necessary! I don't do huge hours at the moment - 8-10 a week , which many would frown upon but its fine a year out - 6 months out and it will be up towards 15-20 hours!

Anyway - today I'm starting to feel refreshed and really excited about getting down to devon tomorrow, setting up camp (I hate camping but the weather looks great), chilling out in the event village (?!) and then riding on Sunday! I'm making a big deal out of what is just a big cycle ride - but it is without doubt the hardest endurance thing I've ever done - it is a lot of big steep hills! In fact I beleive the climb up to Alpe D'huez is 1130m so this is over three times that (over more distance though)! So for a big guy like me its a toughy!

Anyway enjoy your day/weekend etc and catch up later


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  1. Tim
    Great to see you started a blog. Enjoy the bike ride on Sunday and good luck.

    It will be great to follow your blog on your way to your Ironman. Well done am really excited to read about your journey