Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Getting back to normal...

...in more ways than one! Managed a 4.1 mile run last night, I say run, I run for a bit then stretch the hamstrings out then run a bit more etc - usually a half mile at a time!

This is my way of building back up to running 3 months after my knee injury raised its ugly head! the run took 42 minutes and after the first mile I felt reasonably comfortable - despite Sunday's ride! the final mile or so I added a couple of thirty second walking sections in order to avoid overloading the knee but finished strongly for the final half mile and under 8 min/mile pace! Altogether very pleasing!

My body in general is so much better than ever before in terms of muscle balance and technique - I guess that comes with stretching and weight loss but it is very noticeable!

I dug out my handheld body fat monitor too which I've not used in a while, set it to my current stats and it came up with 15% fat and a BMI of 25.4 - this still means I'm technically overweight! I don't believe in BMI much!

I then opened up the spreadsheet I used to record all the info on - I coincidentally started on 1st July 2009 (almost exactly a year ago) and have dropped from 17.6% body fat and 107.5 kgs - thats 2.6% body fat lost and 14.5 kgs!

Really pleased with that progress!

So its back to normal after sundays ride and back to normal with my knee (I hope) all good news......now tonight shall I blast the Tri-Bike or run again.....hmmmmm

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