Thursday, January 2, 2014

It has been a while since I blogged…mostly because I have been too busy & lazy to write anything.

We are now into 2014, my little boy Theo is six months old and I am back starting to exercise on a more dedicated scale.

Last year I only had one aim and that was to cycle 2000 miles, final amount was 2017 of which 1300 odd were on the mountain bike so not too bad! Plus I had a few months of nothing when Theo was very small.

This year I have entered the dartmoor classic again which I did in 2009 & 2010, 107 miles and about 10-11,000 feet of climbing.

I have also entered the Drovers MTB mission and the Wiltshire Wildcat - both sportives, one on dirt one on tarmac and on consecutive days…so that should keep me busy.

I played rugby again last season, but this season time, energy and too much aches & pains have kept me away. Torn between my love for playing and the time/dedication and pain from playing means I am a bit hit and miss this season so have decided to almost write it off but work on my fitness and strength and maybe hit it again next year!

I have resurrected my little training spreadsheet and rejoined the pool, so lots of cycling swimming and gym work to come. I also want to start running again but my knees seem to be a bit shot at the moment but I think it comes from very tight hamstrings, glutes, IT bands and calves. I also have a slightly pulled right hamstring too.

Which brings me to my only New Years resolution - use the foam roller everyday!

Hopefully I'll remember to keep blogging but we'll see…laters

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