Friday, March 4, 2011

This weekend and other animals....

I have a 20 mile race this weekend - the Mad March 20 down near Bournemouth on Sunday! I am not sure how I feel about this race - I have only ever ran 14.5 before though it was off road and very hilly so not in the same boat as this - I originally thought it was hilly but having read some comments elsewhere turns out it isn't apart from one little lump!

So how do I approach it...well after last weekends race I reckon that I could really push it and hit a good 8 minute mile pace but as it is a step in to the unknown I think a steady 9 min/miles would be the sensible option! Its not an A race, its a training run and I need to remember that and not get carried away - who knows I may not even finish it! The name of the game at this point is also consistency in all training so blowing out on Sunday won't benefit me next week!

If I can finish 20 in 3 hours (9 mm) then it will certainly be a big boost for my confidence and will allow me to move nicely towards the London Marathon with some confidence - I reckon the adrenalin has to be worth 3 or 4 miles worth in the big smoke! I then only have 2-3 miles of hanging on to the finsih line!

In other news seeing as tomorrow is a rare weekend rest day - I can fix all my broken bike bits! Tri bike taken to pieces to replace the rear mech and get the wheels trued, road bike cleaned, service, tightened and spruced up a bit....winter training is a nasty business! Also should be booking our honeymoon which has probably been the hardest of all the wedding plans!

Next week will hopefully bring some tired legs, more cycling...(I'm hoping to get my first ride to work in one day at least), plenty more swimming and a few steady runs! Next sunday there is a 10 mile race which pretty much starts from my front door - this may be a quite nice as I had planned a 10 mile jaunt that day - could be fun just to notch up another race experience! Though 3 weeks of racing may not be'll be a decision left for that morning I think!

Other than that next week could bring some big decisions elsewhere in my world but more on that may of course not bring any decisions...its currently not in my hands! Just keep everything crossed over the next few days....though that may cause a few problems as I move in to my race!

I also got my delivery of GU gels - I have been very relunctanct on spending loads on training nutrition - I won't lie I think all nutrition products are grossly over priced and I now make my own training flapjacks which are good to chew on - however I couldn't really think up a substitute for a good energy gel and without doubt GU are the best that I have tried - so I decided it was an investment worth going for and if used carefully should see me through to the Forestman - 48 gels for £60 is still obscenely expensive but I only use them on long runs and as back up on long rides so 16 weeks so 3 or 4 per week is plenty more than I actually need! Chocolate Outrage is my flavour of choice but in fairness they all have their benefits!

The other half is now over her cold and I haven't had any real effects yet so hopefully I have survived, though I'm not speaking too soon! My relentless usage of vitamins, fish oils, green/fruit/white tea and hand gel is hopefully keeping everything at bay for the time being, I totally appreciate I will get ill at some point in the next 16 weeks so any time between Tuesday about 9pm and the end of March would be ideal and then after London till about the end of May...thanks!

Anyway enough rambling from me.....

Here is a joke...its one of my favourites: - Whats orange and sounds like a parrott?

a carrott!!!

I love it!

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