Friday, March 11, 2011

The return of middle March...

Still feeling tired from last weeks race...well actually I am not..well I am...well....put this way I think I am tired but not in a way that is making training difficult or a drag! Yes my legs were sore in yesterdays 5.8 mile run and yes my swimming isn't quite as fast as it has been but I am still putting in a good pace in the running and have swam 6.75k this week so actually it ain't all bad! I actually quite like the sore leg feeling when running - makes me feel like I am acheiving something! Like the day after a game of rugby...if you can still stand up and sit down properly then you ain't been working hard enough! I have been sleeping well though...twice a day at some points!

Hopefully this solid training will continue through the weekend with 4 ish hours on the bike tomorrow and Sundays long run! Unfortunately the weather is supposed to turn towards rain tomorrow but as I haven't cycled for three weeks (stupid broken bits) I have no choice but to get out there! Hopefully I have some residual cycling ability left in my legs!

Really looking forward to Sunday's run - I have a feeling I will be running on very tired legs by this point and so I am going to run the Avon Valley Path from Salisbury to Fordingbridge which is about 15/16 miles but as there is lots of stiles, dog walkers and things like that I'll be reduced to a slow pace which will do me some good! 

Other than that it is a nice quiet weekend for me, got some big plans hopefully happening the week after next so gearing up for that (more later)!

Having heard all about the Japanese Tsunami and seen the pictures, it just looks terrible and must be horrible for those involved so my thoughts go out to them - it does put my 'tough' training in its place but as I am doing it to help others its all in perspective. Having said that the amount of claptrap that has come out on twitter today re: the Mayan calender, the end of the world and respecting our planet is ridiculous, idiots like this should pipe down! The Mayans could not have predicted it...period! Its not the end of the world...period! And yes, of course we should respect the planet, that goes without saying more these days that ever...however there is no way that anything we have done could possibly have caused that earthquake! Its a horrible natural disaster!

Enough of that now...

Hopefully this weekend will see a great cycle, the mighty 'Bridge squash the Saffers, a solid run on Sunday and then England to stuff right up the Scots (I am in a partisan mood)

Enjoy your weekend....I will!

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