Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Enough's Enough

As you have seen from the September posts - this has been a topsy turvey all over weird sort of month - its been all in my head - its not been a lack of motivation as I have done lots of exercise - just not necessarily triathlon training - I have included mountain biking and general stuff in my hours this month! Perhaps I was feeling a bit burnt out - although I've only been doing this for 9 months, when your focussed on one goal that is a long way it can be pretty tough sometimes to maintain that level of enthusiasm! So I decided to not worry about this month so much - I'll tick over to twenty hours over the next two days with some running and swimming and that'll do fine!

However I can only justify this by making the most of October - I'll get back on the bike, having not ridden on the road during September and start combining more sessions and getting double days back in! Swim in the morning and running in the evening!

One huge positive is my running - I've built it back up nicely during September and am cruising along at a nice speed for where I want to be! Thats a massive bonus as my knee would appear to be fine! Lets hope it holds out when I start cycling again!

To start October I am going to have a big session on Saturday - swim, cycle and run - nothing fast or too intense but hopefully some good times - my plan will be a 1.9 mile swim, 30 mile cycle and 12.5 mile run - all being well that will be a really good session!

There I have said it....I can't not do it now!

anyway i can stop whinging now - its all about hard work - I 'll be too tired to whinge!

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