Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Catch Up....

I've not blogged for a week or two - due to a combination of being very busy and not doing a great deal of training either!

To be honest that was fine with me - I hadn't realised how tired I was until I had a day or two off and then struggled to get going again! So as I have done little of training this month I will keep it that way and keep focussing on my running! As I have mentioned numerous times i had many knee problems and have hardly run at all for a few months - so now that I am over that (fingers crossed) I am concentrating on running and getting in the miles!

I'm up to ten mile long runs at the moment at a steady pace and will be looking to get comfortable with the long two hour runs before hitting some big winter mileage! I have a 1/2 marathon at the end of October which will be a good indicator of where I am!

That comes at the expense of cycling - however having done loads over the past few months I am happy with letting it slide a bit! Swimming will continue to tick over for a few weeks until October when I will be looking to get fully back in to the swing of things for the winter months!

Bring on next June...I can't wait to hit the startline...patience is not a virtue of mine!

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