Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good days...

I normally post on here when I need to vent frustration/sort my head out, so today I will just update on the last week or so as its been good!

Last week was a great training week - 10.5 hours in total (my 2nd highest to date) though the average is creeping up steadily - I have averaged well over 8 hours for the last ten weeks so its building nicely! Had a few snide comments that its not enough but hey ho - theres always a few!! Plus it will look different come January..!

Last sunday culminated with a 70 mile cycle on my road bike - which went well, was with a couple of others, one who had never ridden beyond 50 before and he did amazingly well! You can forget how far you've come - this was a reminder that I was that guy a year or two ago! Towards the end the pace was dropping - so I did some faster intervals on my own to get some work in, which was good and my comfort and energy levels are looking good!

Monday night was a great 7.2 mile run, having not run for ages I was happy to hit that distance and shouldn't complain at 8.58 minute miles - that includes a 30 second walk at about 2.5 miles! Once that had passed I felt really good for the rest of the run and had a turn of pace at the end! Plenty more careful knee management and I will be back on track no worries!

Yesterdays swim was a bit crappy - I was flapping around big style! Still managed to do 2.1km but was chatting a fair bit with another triathlete in the pool for a while - (I know...annoying when people are sat there chatting but this was a one off, I can assure you!) Still with all the good swimming last week I wasn't worried about one poor session!

Last night it was peeing with rain so I forwent the bike ride and did some paint work in our new kitchen - good way to appease the good lady and only fair really!

Big ride tonight which I am eager for big time - its always a group ride on a wednesday and a good crack! Tomorrow will be swim and cycle, friday swim - then we're off to River Cottage friday for a meal and that will take up saturday too - so I'll hopefully hit the bike for 4 or so hours on Sunday! If I don't hit my target 10.5 hours for this week I will be smashing by 4.5 next week (its supposed to be a rest week)

I'll smash it mostly because I'll make up any shortfall plus I am loving training and also because I have the 79 mile time trial on the 22nd! Actually its a sportive but I am taking my tri bike and treating it as a time trial as it is reasonably flat (other than the 25% blissford hill) - I will be aiming for an average of 19-20 mph over the whole distance and will chuffed to bits if I do it! Otherwise I'll be blown to bits!

Ahhhh....happy days!!

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